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Peggy, a single mother with four children, was laid off from her job last year. This was a gigantic blow to the family and ultimately meant that Peggy couldn’t pay the bills to keep their home. While staying in a local shelter, Peggy was admitted to our Community First program. Through Community Frist, Peggy was assisted with finding a safe and affordable home for her and her children. Amber, our Housing Resource Coordinator, met regularly with Peggy to assist her with housing stability. Currently Peggy is employed full time in environmental services at a local hospital and her children, ages 8-18, are getting good grades in their schools. Peggy shared, “This program has helped me in many ways; it helped me find a home, informed me of community resources that helped me get furniture and a better job and it also connected me with a church group that has been a great support to me and my family”.