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Ending the Cycle of Homelessness


Each year there are 800 men, women and children homeless in the Lynchburg community.


Many of these persons are homeless due to job loss, domestic violence, untreated medical or mental health issues, poverty or lack of family support. People experiencing homelessness are vulnerable to increased incidents of crime, effects of trauma and isolation from much needed services and supports. Homeless children are particularly vulnerable. The loss of housing for a child is often accompanied by developmental, emotional, and cognitive delays, disruption in school attendance and exposure to crime, victimization, and poor health.

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Housing is the first step in building stronger families and communities.

We work to end homelessness by connecting families with stable, affordable housing and providing the skills and supports that lead to self-sufficiency. Our Housing First approach provides the foundation for individuals to rebuild their lives, access needed services, obtain employment and integrate productively into the community.

We believe that housing is a basic human right and that virtually all people can be successful in housing with the proper combination of supports. Our staff is trained to provide interventions aimed at resolving housing barriers and preventing families from returning to homelessness. 

Our work is rooted in these 4 principles:



Housing is offered without preconditions



Clients are considered experts on their own lives and their choices are honored    



Individualized wrap-around services are tailored to each client’s needs and strengths



Connecting with neighbors and social supports promotes stability


Our programs provide solutions to homelessness.

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Community First

Rehouses homeless families to return them to safe and affordable housing in the community.


Magnolia Street Supportive Housing

Provides housing and supportive services to the chronically homeless.


Aftercare Support

Helps our formerly homeless families maintain their housing and continue to achieve their goals.


Homeless System Coordination

Works to make homelessness rare, brief and nonrecurring in the Lynchburg area.

Featured Story

Alethea's Story


Alethea and her five children became homeless after a devastating house fire destroyed their home this past summer. With no possessions, they spent months staying with friends and family until they ran out of options and went to stay in a local shelter. Alethea had employment when entering shelter, but due to the shelter’s rules regarding unattended minors, Alethea was not able to continue working her 2nd shift job. Within 2 weeks of entering the shelter, Alethea completed an intake for Miriam's House's services and voiced that their only Christmas wish was to be in their own home for the holidays. This wish was fulfilled - within 24 hours the family was signing a lease and moving into their very own home. Not only was this family excited to spend the holidays together and under their own roof, they also look forward to the opportunity to start a new chapter and leave homelessness behind them! Alethea is back to work full-time and her oldest child is now working at McDonald’s and contributing to the household expenses.


Know someone who needs help?

If you or someone you know is facing a housing crisis please contact Coordinated Homeless Intake and Access (CHIA) for assistance.

Call 434.455.5722

Visit 918 Commerce Street