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For years, Kathy slept most nights outdoors, usually in a tent at various spots throughout Lynchburg. When Kathy did seek shelter due to weather conditions or vulnerability on the streets, her severe mental illness interfered with her ability to follow shelter rules, get along with others, and maintain her place in a congregate-living environment. Consequently, Kathy had been banned from all emergency and domestic violence shelters in the area. When she was in need of shelter, no agency was willing to serve her other than Miriam’s House. While here, she worked with her case manager to obtain consistent mental health care. With only an 8th grade education, Kathy articulated that she has always wanted to obtain her GED. We connected Kathy to a tutor to help her study for the GED and she is currently completing practice testing. While residing here, Kathy was awarded disability, this provides her not only with income but with access to health insurance. Kathy’s case manager assisted her in securing housing through a supportive housing program, offering her the supportive services necessary to help her stay stably housed and not return to homelessness. We continue to serve Kathy through our Aftercare Support Group.