In Her Own Words: Deborah

Deborah never imagined that she and her daughters would ever become homeless. As a single mom, Deborah had worked hard her entire adult life to ensure that her daughters had what they needed. This all changed when she lost her job and was unable to find a new one.

Without income, the family lost their apartment and went to stay in a motel. Eventually, Deborah's savings ran out, and she and her girls were homeless. While residing at a local homeless shelter, Deborah was introduced to our Community First program through one of our Housing Coordinators, Tashama. Within a few weeks, Deborah gained full-time employment at a local manufacturing plant and signed the lease to her brand new home.

This family left homelessness behind and is thriving as they rebuild their lives. Deborah shared her thoughts on our Community First program: "It is a wonderful opportunity for those who do their part. Miriam's House provided a huge step forward for me and my girls. It would've taken us months to save the money needed to move; moving is so expensive. I just needed to get my children out of shelter."

Deborah’s Daughters

Deborah’s Daughters

Homelessness is extremely hard on families, and we are thrilled to have played a role in moving Deborah and her girls out of shelter and into a home!

Leah Wiebe