In Her Own Words: Kelly

Kelly fled with her two children to shelter to escape the abuse she had been living with for years. Once in shelter, Kelly was referred to our Community First project and began working with one of our Housing Coordinators, Rayanne. Kelly shared that she was nervous that no one would rent to her. As a result of the domestic violence she had experienced, Kelly had been evicted from a previous apartment. Rayanne connected Kelly with a landlord who was willing to give her a second chance.  Rayanne and Kelly looked at several apartments and Kelly was able to choose the home that was best suited for her and her children’s needs and budget. 

During home visits, Rayanne and Kelly worked together on budgeting, securing childcare, and making a plan for employment. Now Kelly is thriving and in just 2 weeks will complete her training to be an electrician! She already has interviews lined up and is excited about the improved employment opportunities that will be available for her!

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In her own words, “Miriam’s House has given me the help I needed to get back on my feet and create a better future for me and my children. I love this program because it was just what I needed for a new start. Having my own housing has made me more independent and empowered me to break the abusive cycle I was trapped in.”


We are inspired by Kelly’s story and thankful for the support of our community which allows many such homeless families to find a fresh start.

Leah Wiebe