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Alethea and her five children became homeless after a devastating house fire destroyed their home. The family everything and spent months staying with friends and family until they ran out of options and went to stay in a local shelter. Alethea had employment when entering shelter, but due to the shelter’s rules regarding unattended minors, Alethea was not able to continue working her 2nd shift job. Within 2 weeks of entering the shelter, Alethea our Community First program and voiced that her family's only Christmas wish was to be in their own home for the holidays. This wish was fulfilled - within 24 hours, Alethea was signing a lease and the family moving into their very own home. Not only were they excited to spend the holidays together under their own roof, they also look forward to the opportunity to start a new chapter and leave homelessness behind them! Alethea is back to work full-time and her oldest child is now working a part-time job and contributing to the household expenses.