You can help end the cycle of homelessness.


Homeless families face many challenges


Limited Employment Opportunities

Without a permanent address, phone number, access to internet for online applications, or necessary identifications for employment paperwork, homeless individuals are unable to gain employment.


Poor Health & Nutrition

Health problems, malnutrition, diabetes, and dental diseases are far more prevalent in the homeless population due to lack of basic nutrition, healthcare, and exposure to the elements.



There is an increased risk for victimization as those without housing are more likely to be victims of violent crime; homeless women are particularly at risk for sexual assault while sleeping on the streets. 


Childhood Trauma

Homeless children experience hunger, illness, depression, anxiety, and other adverse outcomes, including: disruptions in school attendance, poor school performance, and developmental delays.

Our Work

We are dedicated to ending homelessness by rebuilding lives and empowering our community's most vulnerable. 

Our housing programs are designed to ensure that homelessness is rare, brief, and nonrecurring in the Lynchburg community. Our programs are solutions-oriented, coupling stable housing with intensive support services to help those experiencing homelessness gain independence.


Our Results

Since Miriam’s House opened its doors in 1994, over 2,500 homeless persons have been provided with safe housing and supportive services to help them rebuild their lives. Through our services and advocacy, 521 homeless children have been reconnected with the safety and security of a place to call home.

We are fiercely committed to ending homelessness in our community, and to that end, we have increased our service capacity by over 542% since 2008, serving hundreds more of our homeless neighbors each year.


Our Record IN 2018


of our families have exited our programs into safe housing


of our families retain their housing 2 years later

Celebrating 25 Years & 2500 Lives Changed

2019 marks the 25th anniversary of Miriam’s House. Since we opened our doors in 1994, we have been working to end homelessness and change lives through empowering our community’s most vulnerable. And now, it’s time to celebrate! So many of you have played a crucial role in the enduring legacy of Miriam’s House, and we encourage you to participate in the celebrations this year.



No Place Like Home Anniversary Celebration & Dollhouse Auction

Join us for this free event featuring: a silent auction of the 25 No Place Like Home dollhouses, live music, hors d’oeuvres, artist talks, and a cash bar while celebrating our 25th anniversary and learning more about our work to end homelessness.

friday, OCTOBER 18 | 7:00PM - 9:30pm | riverviews artspace